Links the places I found the most useful...

Myrm’s Ant Nest

A fabulous site packed full of useful information on ants and how to look after them. It was stumbling into Myrm’s world through reading his delightful journals that made me decide to get a colony of my own – thanks Myrm!


The online shop where you can buy pretty much everything you need for keeping ants – it’s where I got my stuff from. They’re located in Germany, delivery to the UK was very quick.

They also have an excellent forum for finding out more about ant related shenanigans.

Edu-Sci Store

A UK based supplier of ants and ant keeping stuff. Not as extensive as Antstore, but they do have a pretty good range of goodies.

Ant Hill Wood

A great site packed full of information on ants and ant keeping. They’ve got a very useful (but garish looking) forum too.

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