Day 7: Digging In the baricades go up

Thanks to some strategically placed bits of wooden meat skewer a few of the ants have found their way along the plastic tubing to the nesting box. Unfortunately they don’t seem too impressed by the nice damp sand/loam mixture I’ve lovingly prepared for them to make a new home in. I guess their test tube is just too cozy.

In fact they’re so dead set on staying put that they’ve spent the last few days barricading themselves in. There’s now a big pile of sand in the test tube which is pretty impressive as the grains has been carried in one at a time and the sand/loam mixture in the tank is totally dry so it’s not that easy for them to find grains they can move.

Spider has been new on the menu and went down well but they still aren’t very interested in pudding. I’m beginning to suspect that the liquid in the test tube has something sugary in it.

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