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Yummy woodlice

their first taste of protien

The ants weren’t being very adventurous this morning so I hoped some protein might get them all excited and busy. This meant going hunting for the tribe. The first thing I found under the wheely bin in the back garden was a (soon to be) unfortunate woodlouse. I did feel a bit guilty boiling it alive to finish it off and kill off any nasty mites it might be carrying – the moral quandaries of keeping ants!



A new world is born

and the ants explore

My ants now have a big sand pit to play in and they seem to love it. It only took a few minutes for the first worker to emerge from the test tube and not long after there were 6 intrepid explorers scurrying around in wonderment at the vast sandiness of their new world.



The beginning

the postie visits

Woohoo – a big box from Antstore brightened up an otherwise mundane morning in the office today. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning delving inside to see what my starter kit actually looked like.




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