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Ant Cam goes live

for nosey parkers

Rather than just reading about how the ants are getting on you can now look in on them: ant-cam



The alarms go off

but the escape attempt is foiled

Just spotted a solitary ant wandering around outside the tanks. Most impressed as the lids have been on all day and I’ve been pretty diligent in my escape-proofing. She’s now safely back on the inside with her family. Gave them woodlouse for their welcome home party.



Digging In

the baricades go up

Thanks to some strategically placed bits of wooden meat skewer a few of the ants have found their way along the plastic tubing to the nesting box. Unfortunately they don’t seem too impressed by the nice damp sand/loam mixture I’ve lovingly prepared for them to make a new home in. I guess their test tube is just too cozy.



Yummy woodlice

their first taste of protien

The ants weren’t being very adventurous this morning so I hoped some protein might get them all excited and busy. This meant going hunting for the tribe. The first thing I found under the wheely bin in the back garden was a (soon to be) unfortunate woodlouse. I did feel a bit guilty boiling it alive to finish it off and kill off any nasty mites it might be carrying – the moral quandaries of keeping ants!



A new world is born

and the ants explore

My ants now have a big sand pit to play in and they seem to love it. It only took a few minutes for the first worker to emerge from the test tube and not long after there were 6 intrepid explorers scurrying around in wonderment at the vast sandiness of their new world.




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